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Maybe I could connect the hoses to the tank and see how many cc's of oil it takes to fill everything up with oil, then add that figure to my stock capacity to get a ballpark oil capacity with the cooler installed?

Should get you close.
Now one other point - since i recirculate my "blown out" oil back into the crankcase with my oil recirculation system, am i actually risking failure of any components if I did have too much oil in the system?
I'm not following you on this one. :thumbsup:

Sorry - on my bike, i have the oil breather line from my valve cover routed to a baffled catch can. Another breather line goes to my air boot (from the WR450F). The bottom of the catch can has a fitting with a line running to one of the inspection caps on my ignition cover. Any oil that is blown out of the valve cover into the oil breather line is returned to my motor,instead of leaking out the tube onto the ground (and right onto my rear tire) like stock. Basically the same setup as a stock Suzuki DRZ400SM, and also what the Graves Supermoto team ran on their race bikes.


No problem I can see. Normally, the thing you risk from running too much oil is loosing a little power and making a mess. In the extreme, you'd throw enough oil on the cylinder walls to overwhelm the rings, and the bike would smoke, foul plugs, and gunk up the backs of the valve heads. I guess if it got really bad, the oil could lead to detonation and then you might actually break something, but otherwise, there's not a big risk.

Ok cool - thanks Gray - appreciate your knowledge and help!

Swatdoc, in your case you've really done this more because of the leaking oil blow than the ability to return the oil, or somehow run cooler, right? (for supermotard)

Seems that if the bike is dialed in it can be run pretty damn hard, in sand, in heat, for a whole tank of gas with minimal coolant loss???

Goose I'm also running a coolant catch tank which you can also see in the pic. Any small amount of coolant that would overflow will getsiphoned back in as the motor cools down

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