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Is this DRZ-400 a good buy?

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I am looking for a good enduro bike, and found this DRZ-400 for sale. I don't know much about DRZ's so I don't know if this is a good buy:


It has over 6k miles, and I don't know if this is a lot for this bike.

I am used to riding a 2-stroke Husky WR250, so I'd want something with similar characteristics and power, but am looking for it to be street legal.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


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I suggest you to check out these links:

Specific to DRZs:

  • Pull the cover off the air box and see if the stock snorkel (back right-had corner of air box) is still there.
  • No snorkel? Pull off the seat and see if there's a 3" by 3" hole cut in the air box
  • In either of those cases, ask who re-jetted the carb, what they used, and what the current settings are

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Price looks to be high to me, is it at a dealer? If so you could probably get a better deal buying from a private party. And yeah, it's not going to be anything like a two stroke

....its not ,that it is not like a zinger ...the drz400 s dual purpose bike with the priority set on ridin on streets 👍

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