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KFX450R Tuning

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I have a '08 kfx450r that i have just recently preformed some mods on. the unit was stock except for exhaust. now i have a weisco 13.5:1 piston, custom intake which utilizes the LTR450 intake tract and relocated airbox. i use twobros m-7 slip-on. this quad is used for motocross and now my question... i use twobros juicebox, and with the above mentioned mods i don't know for sure the fuel system is working upto its potential. twobros didn't really have any info other than stock settings. has anyone used this setup or close to it to ensure the juicebox setting are set correctly. thanks

'08 kfx450r

two bros m-7 slip-on

two bros juicebox

13.5:1 comp piston on 108 race fuel

airbox with no lid

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I have a yfzr and it too was stock other than HMF slip on ex with HMF optomizer efi controller. Then I just had a 480 bb kit put into it (stock compression) with 06 yfz cams and retarded the exhaust cam 1 tooth on the timing chain and apparently my EFI controller was not up to the task because I fried my rings and now need to replace them so now I'm either going to be getting a PCV with Auto tune or a GYTR/MSD ignition/efi controller. They are much better than what I have and ofcourse much more expensive. Just don't make the mistake I did and just run it, I'd check out the dynojet PCV/auto tune if I were you, its expensive but cheaper than an engine rebuild. I've heard many good things about them. Good luck!

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