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Crf 250 forks

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I have a 2004 crf250 that i absolutely enjoy riding and have just

purchased a set of 08 crf250 forks for a great price that came

off a new parted out bike. I prob dont need the forks but i could

not pass on the price. My 04 is re-valved and sprung for me and

like i said i love riding it, but the upper tubes are showing signs

of roost. I want to use the upper and lowers from the 08 set, my

question is should i change out the springs and valve stack

assembly only? Or should do i need to swap out entire internal

for internal?(tube, dampner etc) the spring tubes are a lil' beat up

at the fork cap on the 04 from assembly. Thanks!!!!!!!

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You will have to swap out the forks completely.

The 04-05 units are 7mm longer than the 06-08s because honda offered a 20" wheel option back then. Also the internals are different between the 2 enough where I dont believe (but not sure) than you can just swap internal parts

Best bet is to use the springs out of the 04s, install them in the 08s and run them. If that it not what you like, then have them revalved.

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I have not recieved my new 08 forks yet, but I thoght they were identical inside and out. I am trying to retain the revalve from my 04's if I can(tryin' not to spend too much), just was not sure exactly what parts could be changed to do that, Thanks for your reply. Anyone Else got some insight? Thanks!!!

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