i need advice

Does anybody have any info about what to look for when buying a YZ426, is there a way to tell if somthing is wrong with it just by looking. Or do you know any good questions to ask the owner when buying. I thought there was a topic on things to look for when buying but i can't find it does anybody know that topic.


If I were contemplating buying any used competion machine, I'd be as nervous as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs. From what I know now by owning a 426, the first thing I'd do is ask his to start it and watch his every move. Stand behind the bike while he does this...several feet away and watch for any puff of smoke. If it starts, get up real close and put your ear down near the cases on both sides and LISTEN. Listen for and knocking, clanging, tapping, or any other mechanical noises that don't sound they should be there. Sit on the bike and sight down the fork legs using the top triple clamp as a guide. Everything should appear to be equal on both sides. What you are looking for here are bent fork tubes or legs. Pull in the front brake lever and rock the bike back forth, feeling for a smooth feel to the suspension and no squeeking noises...bounce up and down on the seat and listen for squeeking coming from the swingarm pivots indicating a neglect for lubrication here. Pop off the seat and check to see if he has at least cleaned the air filter. Look to see if the fenders line up properly and that the mounts aren't cracked. Is the bike in generally a good state of condition? Ask him why he's getting rid of it. He'll probably lie, but it's worth hearing his response. Good luck.

Before he or you start it, feel the crankase to see if it is warm. If it is then it has already been warmed up for you. It should start good cold. Feel for a grabby clutch, ask any extras he has on it. Also ask how often he changed the oil. It should be at every 2 rides.Look for bent shifters, break pedals or anything like tht that would suggest a hard crash.



Very shrewd Matt. I didn't think about the guy trying to mask a hard starting bike by warming it up first so that it seems to start easier. I also wonder if any owner will admit to only changing the oil every 3 races plus 2 practices? If I wanted to buy a used bike, I'd want to buy it from someone like me who goes way overboard with maintenance. I change the oil after EVERY ride...whether it's just a practice or a race. I know this is definitely overkill, but I've noticed that the oil gets dirty pretty quickly. The clutch contaminates the oil which is also the same oil that lubricates the lower end, cams, cylinder walls, etc...I like the feeling of knowing that my machine is well prepped when I'm unloading it from my truck.

Boit you are absolutely right.......

I change the oil every race and maybe let it slide for 2 pracice sessions and change the airfilter the day b4 a ride or you will be clogging the carb with GOO due to the enormous sucking thru the carb.

I bought my 99 from someone on the internet that just happened to live about 80miles from me . The bike was 17 days old and looked like it.......spotless except the brand new bars.

FLY's $23 bars not an upgrade by any means so i asked him why he was sellin it and he said he wanted to buy a house and was having a baby...... sure.... ok.....and he upgraded the bars............LOLOLOLOL

so he fired it and it started right away

I got on it and tried to pull away on a paved street.......died... tried to start and had a hard time but i think just because i was comin from the 2 smoker world....

It finally ripped down the street and peeled the tire in 2 gears and nearly in third!!!

I gave the guy $5200 and was jumping for joy. Thinking it was just a cold blooded bike.

I rode the bike for about 40 miles and never noticed anything really wrong.

At the first race I got stuck on a rocky/sandy/treefilled hill w/about 30 other riders....I needed to go to the right but kept dying....finally got off of the hill and about 30 miles into the race realized it was only doing it at low rpms.

and the next thing was only in a right hander at slow speeds.......??????? what the hell is goin on?

finished the next 45 miles fighting this crap thru the tight trees and hills. I took 4th in my class and finished much worse in my clas than usual....I never got so much sh$% from my wife about how spectacular this "NEW" bike was supposed to make me!!!!!!

after delving into it for a hole 3 minutes thinkin all the time it was th e kill switch for sure........I got to turning the handlebars bak n forth and noticed that the kill switch was clear and free....It was that damn "wierd little "lever on the left that was being pulled out of the motor and releasing the compresion everytime i turned to the right thus low rpm stalls to the right.





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