99 YZ400F shock interchangeable with?

I am currently working on a 99 YZ400 that has blown forks and a shock that is damaged beyond repair. What year machines could I steal the forks and shock from? I looked on the OEM microfische and all the part numbers are different. Thanks!

The part numbers change just about annually, but that doesn't tell the whole story. As far as forks go, anything up to and including '03 should bolt straight up and even fit into your existing clamps. '04 should also fit, but you'll have to use the correct year clamps for anything this late or later. Even the forks from an '05-'07 should be installable as a complete set. Your wheel will fit if used with the correct year spacers for the fork, and in some cases, an axle to match.

I'm not as certain about the shock. There may have been some changes in eyelet dimensions. I think, however, that at least the '01 and older will fit, and possibly many more than that.

Thanks again!

All the way up to 2005 will fit for the shock. But buying a used one off ebay is dicey too. Alot of them leak and the sellers dont even know it. I have experienced this.

One off of ebay has to be better than the one I removed from the bike though. When you compress the shock you can feel some thing scraping the inside of the shock body.

I would just take it apart and see whats up, it only takes like 5 min

Well I got the shock apart and almost all the fluid was gone. There was one little scratch where the seal head goes but the body looks real clean inside. The bladder was still charged and still had fluid around it while the shaft side of the body had almost no oil.

Small scratch I was referring to:




I originally felt when I compressed the shock that some thing was grinding but I dont see where it was coming from. I know the shock leaked all the fluid out so I know it will need a rebuild. I also should change the bladder because it looked weather cracked and collapsed when I pulled it out.

I think the sound was from the band scraping the inside of the body without fluid. But idk how bad it sounded or anything so that just a guess to be honest. But hey, you dont have to do any grinding or anything so thats kinda nice. just take the seal head off and pop the new one on. I found it was so easy to rebuild a shock, idk why they dont tell you how to do it in the manual

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