Oil change

Thanks to all for the posts. I recently purchased a 2001 YZ426. When I change the oil I have found that all the oil does not drain if I only use the drain plug and filter. After draining the case through the drain plug, if I remove the hose that enters the case from the frame(where the screen is)approximately another 1/2 to 1 liter drain from the bike. Do others experience this?

I am not sure about the 01 426 but my 98 400 has three places to drain the oil from. There is the pan bolt on the bottom of the crankcase, there is a drain bolt that needs to be removed from the oil filter case that is also a drain bolt and my 400 also has a drain bolt on the frame to drain the res.

I did the same thing you did, I just drained the case and kept wondering why I was only getting about a quart of oil out with each oil change. Check the manual for other points that you need to drain the oil. I found it in the small print on my service manual after about three changes and it made all the difference in the world.

The procedure for changing oil for all yzfs including 250F is the same. Bolt in the crankcase, bolt in the frame downtube above the screen plug, and then you get a little more out when you change the filter. It sounds like you aren't draining the frame downtube via its bolt.

Thanks, that was definitely my problem. I bought my bake out of state and had it shipped directly to me in the crate. The manual and other accessories are not included in the crate. They shipped separately.(I am borrowing a friends spark plug tool, yes I have experienced the fouling problem) They shipped out the package 4 wks ago. The postal service has a tracker out on the mail. Gotta love the U.S. mail. Thanks again.

I admit, I was getting a mental picture that made me grin like a mule eatin' briars.. :)

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