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XR400 Motor

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not many people will pay much for engine alone just because its running or you say it has low miles/hours means nothing why pay top dollar for an engine you know nothing about?i have xr250 only 2500 mi and it blew so hours are miles mean nothing sitting can be the worse thing on an engine ive seen your post in xr forum,and if the 98 xr4 was so clean and great why did it not sell?in good shape you may have 8-1100 dollar bike,complete so dont expect someone to pay you that for just motor most people on this site arent idiots and it makes me mad people want to take a 1100 dollar bike and expect to sell it in pieces for 5000 if you wanna do this get an account on ebay be reputable and pay the 25 percent fee for doing it that way

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