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Help W/ Electrical Wiring in Enclosed Trailer-Diagram

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Hello all,

I just picked up a 2006 6' x 12' Enclosed Trailer (V-Nose). The trailer has 2 very small interior lights only. I want to add more electrical components to make my visits to the track and camping grounds more comfortable. I have absolutely no experience in the electrical department, and will need to hire a professional to wire my trailer. (i could attempt to do myself, but just dont know where to start or what I need to buy, etc)

This brings me to my question about the wiring. I need to know excactly what I will need, and how to route the wiring to complete the job(converter, inverter, 110V panel, 12V panel, fuse boxes, wire guage, etc.). Knowing this information will help describe what I need when getting some bids on this project.

I will using 2 6V Trojan golf cart batteries. I will also be running a generator to power all the 110V. I would like to have an RV inlet for shore power and and 110V inlet plug(to generator;champion 3500 watt). I also plan to insulate the inside of the trailer after all electrical is complete.

12 Volt:

(7) Recessed Lights (LED) with rocker switch (will make a switch panel)

Electric Tongue Jack

Stereo w/ (2) speakers and 2 channel Amplifer

Vent Fan

Water Pump/Heater (sink)

Porch Light (LED) with rocker switch

Reverse Light

(2) Flood Lights

15" TV

(2) 12V Inlets (coffee maker, etc)

110 Volt:

Mobile A/C unit

Mini Fridge


(3) 110V Outlets

(1) 110V Inlet

I would really appreciate any input,



Sunny Socal

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For the 110 volt I bought 1 small power distribution box with double blade 2 circuit braker from local Home Depot. I run total 4 AC outlets at 4 corners and 1 inlet from the outside.

I then made 1x20-30 feet extension cord heavy duty gauge (12-10 gauge) with both male end, 1 connect to the trailer inlet(outside) and the other end either to generator or shore power.

On the 12 volt DC, I run double # 2 gauge cable positive and negative from 2000 watts inverter to the battery cut off switch and to the 2x12 volt deep cycle battery.The inverter use to power the microwave and indoor flood light.

Sorry I dont have any picture of the completed project and I will try to take more picture and will post later.





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Thanks for the reply, 01erionracing. Those pics do help. I attached a new drawing to make it easier to understand. I did some research, and I think the way to wire everyhing is drawn below. I will not be needing a inverter, since I wont be running any 110V without the generator or shore power.

So is the diagram correct?


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You're right. I need to add that component. I knew I was forgetting something :thumbsup:

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How do transfer switches work? I am trying to figure out how the box van I bought is wired. Right now when I plug into the house the only thing I get power to is the pressure washer and a single out let that is next to the breaker box. The breakers seem to be working but unless there is a switch somewhere that I dont know about there is no juice going to the lights/outlets in the back.

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