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Got my YZ forks and more!!

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I picked up this 93' YZ80 today for $150.


Forks looks good. No front brake parts at all so I guess I'll use the TTR unit until we want to raise the bike. Fork guards are junk. Front tire and wheel are actually pretty decent. Disk just rusty. Triples look great. Bars are junk. Seat is actually in great shape, but the Throttle Jockey cover has some discoloration. Front fender is usable, but a bit ugly. The back fender, side plates are junk. The shroud is usable, but would need some graphics to clean up. Tank is ugly, but in good shape. Again, graphics would make it look decent. Airbox good. Back suspension seems great except for lower shock bushing is shot. Rear brake works and is in good shape. Swingarm has very few scratches, just really dirty. Looks like it was running really rich for a long time. Tons of spooge on right side. Back wheel is true despite the Unadilla Kenda being out of shape from sitting so long. Disk is good. Brake works great.

I would say the sprocket is just a bit past due. 👍


It seems they couldn't remove the sprocket to replace it. They boogered up the allen bolts pretty bad, but I was able to get them off by doing what they should have done.... Use a 12mm wrench on the nut you silly kids! It's sad to see bikes that kids essentially ruin because either someone older didn't help or wasn't around.

So I'll do the fork conversion on our 07 TTR125LE after my son gets used to the bike. Probably this fall. Since we have the LE we'll probably just re-locate the rear stocker since it's actually a good unit and Yamaha makes the rear spring quite a bit stiffer than the front. Race Tech says the rear is sprung for a 155 lb rider for offroad/trail riding. He's 'only' 125 right now.

So what to do with the forkless YZ roller????? Well, I'm going to see if the JR80 motor from my younger son's 2001 JR80 will fit with minimal fabbing. At first glance it's gonna be close. May have to do some frame cutting/welding.

I'll put the LE forks on the YZ, lower the rear end by backing off nearly all the preload and/or add a lowering link. If it works out I'd go ahead and spend the $$ on a FMF pipe & sparky (yeah, they make one for the JR) as I've heard many say it really adds some torque to the little trail friendly 80 2-smoker.

So we'd have a bike very similar to the late KDX80, but with adjustable suspension and disc brakes. Pretty sweet if it works out. And something to keep me busy this winter. 🙂

If the motor doesn't fit then I'll part the darn thing out. If anyone is interested in the complete rear-end let me know. I should know in the next few weeks if I'm gonna go for the YZJR80 Frankenbike project.🤣

At the very least, I got a nice set of YZ forks for $150!!

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