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Swingarm & linkage, I took the plunge

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Let me first state that I'm basically new to bikes. Had one as a teen but all I ever did was ride that thing, never even changes the oil for 5 years, but she just kept on runnin????

Anyway I was having some rear shock issues so I decided to pull it and take it down to the dealer and have it serviced. While I have the bike apart I say to myself. "Self you know you have to take the linkage apart and clean and grease them bearings. So, I did that lastnight. Now I have been reading these nightmare posts about sawzalls, side grinders, 20lb sledge hammers and seized bolts.

All day at work I've been sweating thinking about it. Wondering if I should attempt it. Now if you know me I don't "attempt" anything. If I start, it will happen even if what I'm trying to fix is destroyed in the end. :jawdrop: So I always have to ask myself before I take on a project.

I decided that I would at least see how tight the nut was. I gave it a little grunt and off it came. Hmmmm???? That wasn't so bad. I grab a block of wood (to protect the end of the bolt) and a hammer and look at that bolt for a minute. I get an edge on that bolt, tap it a couple times to make an indent in the wood so it won't slip. I take a half swing at the block and....it moves. 👍 a couple more half swings and I grab the other end and the bolt comes right out. Pulled the arm off cleaned it out real good. Greased all the bearings with some Mobil1 and put her back together. Hopefully I can pick up my shock tomorrow and go for a little ride this weekend.

So I think that there is just a bunch of wussys on here. Get some muscle or something. Hell my 9 yr old girl could have got that thing out. 🙂

Seriously, I was sweating it but I am glad that the guy before me did some maintenance on the bike.

My wife doesn't understand why I bought a bike and a week later the bike looks like the Arnold Swartzenagger at the end of Terminator when he only has one arm, body cut in half, wires hanging out dragging himself across the steel grating.

Sorry for my babbling. I'm just pump that I got it done and it feels good to work on your own bike. It's fun. :applause:


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More than once I have been through this cycle:

Suspension starts feeling crappy.

Start wondering about shim stacks and oil viscosity and preload and sag and when was the last time I had my shock/forks serviced and so on.

Decide to pull the shock and send it in for a look see.

While the shock is gone decide to take a look at linkage bearings, even though I'm sure they are all fine, it has not been THAT long since I replaced 'em all.

Find some or all linkage bearings rusted into orange bushings

Replace them all, mount the freshly serviced shock, suspension is happy again.

The guy who serviced the shock could probably have gotten away with just sitting on it for a week. I'd never know.

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