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KLX 140L FMF question

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I quess this is for the ones of you that purchased the FMF powercore 4 for the 140. I purched my FMF exhaust system on ebay. Here is a copy of the add. I states it is supposed to be the titanium muffler, titanium midpipe, and titanium header. This is also supposed to have the removable spark arrestor.

I looked inside and can not see the spark arrestor. Maybe I'm not looking for the right thing, I thought it was a screen deal just inside the end cap? Any help would be great.

It looks like I just got the muffler and mid pipe that is welded together.

Is this what you have or did anyone get the header as well?

Thanks. Any help is greatly appreciated.

add from ebay


Completely redesigned for all late model applications

Aluminum performance muffler with durable stainless steel components

Removable spark arrestor included

Easily serviced for repacking

Please Note: The image displayed is representative of the item, but may vary slightly depending on your specific model.

Manufacturer: FMF RACING

Manufacturer Part Number:42162


Model: KLX140L

Year: 2008, 2009, 2010



Pic of what I got.


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I have the FMF powercore4, but I knew it was only a partial exhaust slip-on and not a full header and pipe. I didnt purchase from ebay nor did I look at theri add, but there is no titanium model. Your id 042162 is on the FMF website. I have the 042161 verision which has a built in spark arrester(I cant actually see it when I look in, but it stamp on the side. Looks like the ebay add is just wrong.


Price: $249.99

Item ID: 042162

Type: Slip-On

Configuration: Single

Version: Moto


More Info

Less Info

The Mini Powercore 4 is the best bang for your buck performance bolt on for your mini. Offered as a closed course moto muffler or as a spark arrestor version, the Mini Powercore 4 features a Hi-Flo stainless steel core and formed endcaps, an aircraft grade aluminum canister and a durable stainless steel header. Its pounds lighter than stock and you will swear the motor has been bored and stroked with the first twist of the throttle.

Hi Flo core and endcaps

Pounds lighter than stock

Moto or Spark arrestor version available

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