I was wondering if anyone else here has had problems with some of the other users on KTMTalk. I post on several different websites, ThumperTalk, MotoXTalk, and several other women's MX sites just to name a few. Everytime I have posted something on KTMTalk they have BASHED me. Not to mention the latest post where they are just crucifying my husband!!! I was wondering if this has happened to anyone else of if they just don't like me?!?! :) Please help.


Point me to the thread and I will fix it! There are far too many threads and responses for me to read every single one, but I do my best along with Pat and Beth to keep it a friendly environment. We vary rarely need to shut something down or edit posts because of content, but it has been done before and we will surely be forced to do it again in the future.

Bashing is not tollerated at all! :):D

It is in the 4-stroke section ...."airbox seal" is the title. I have e-mailed Admin and asked it to be closed with no action taken. Thanks for your help.

>Everytime I have posted something on KTMTalk they have BASHED me

Everytime?? I have looked at several of your posts and I cannot find one where you are getting bashed. Like Jeff said, point us to the threads and we'll take the necessary action. And also like Jeff said, we don't allow bashing of anyone... I'm surprised to see us being accused of it in a different forum.

Question: Why didn't you say something to me or one of the other moderators first?

I posted in the thread for someone to close it and I sent something to Admin to close it. I am new there and I didn't know what else to do

>It is in the 4-stroke section ...."airbox seal" is the >title. I have e-mailed Admin and asked it to be closed >with no action taken. Thanks for your help.

I am the admin and I have not received any email from you - my email to admin at ktmtalk gets copied to one other moderator - she hasn't seen an email from you either. are you sure you sent an email to admin@ktmtalk.com?

It was sent to "Admin" ....the screename Admin. I did not know there was an e-mail for that, I actually sent a PM

I read the entire thread... the one comment about not taking his bike to your husband might have been a little inappropriate but with all due respect, I think you over reacted by saying that everytime you posted you were bashed. Sure, the one comment about the husband was a little off color but that thread didn't have any bashing until your last post.



Whatever you say

I concure........

I think they were a little harsh, and calling your hubby a bad mech was a little out of line, but remember, alot of the constant posters have been KTM riders for awhile and it just comes natural to know how the bikes work and how to fix them. Not that it justifies anything, but it almost sounds comical the way you discribe his abilities to wrench, even after being a "Pro Wrench" for the unnamed Supercross rider.

I do believe you are over reacting and instead of letting it rest, you fired the heat back up with your calling them all bastards and continuing with more foul words.

I'm not sure what to tell you other than I hope you decide to come back and hang out with us. It really is a great place for all KTM info, as is Thumpertalk. :)

I can assure you that KTMTalk has the least amount of bashing of any forum Im a member of.Hopefully you'll decide to stay and give it a chance.It really does have a great bunch of guys/gals.Well,other than that Unit74 guy. :):D

Who is your husband and what post are they crucifying him ?

Who is bashing you ? What posts ?

There are Trolls out there that live to cut someone down. Now there are some folks the seem to thrive on passing misinformation also but you shouldn't bash them but politely post the correct information and let everyone sort it out.


Dwight :)

Well, since I tried to be poliet twice and even said "thanks for the info but all some people want is to bash my husband. Please close this thread...." and people KEPT ON, I figured I would stoop to their level and bash the rest of them. I just don't understand why some people are so inconsiderate of others. :)

The board wasn't trying to be mean, but if you are like me, when someone refers to my other half, I am very, very touchy. You just have to be like a duck and let the stuff roll of your back. KTMtalk is really a great site-you should know though, they/we ( I have been guilty of it too) tend to be alittle rough when folks start dropping names about the old big four (honda/suzuki/yamaha/kawasaki)-most of the folks on the board are old time KTM/Penton/husky riders that have for many years had to live with greif about their choice of bikes by alot of folks. You may have seen it too, like when someone asks what kind of bike do you ride, and you tell them and they ask if honda or yamaha makes those.

As far a mean boards go, one of my best friends is an avid mountain biker-and part of his day job includes maintaining the trails through the Fullerton Ca area. He had to take sometime off to fight colon cancer and one of the boards had someone complain that they weren't being taken care of-when someone else explained that he was out of commission, the complainer said he hoped he DIED and they got someone in to take over soon. This is from someone that never met my friend (those that have love him). Needless to say-that is the lowest I have ever heard.

Hello Flygirl,

It truly is a shame you are leaving KTMTalk. It sounds like you have a great deal of experience to contibute to those of us who have far less. I appreciate anything I can get no matter who it is from. Self preservation dictates learning from other peoples mistakes.

I do agree with the moderators that the abuse you perceive your husband received was not excessive. This is a big kid world we live in and it helps to have a little bit of alligator skin. If I were to go to a Red, Blue, Yellow or Green forum and state "...sux" as you did, I would expect to be crucified unless that was the prevailing opinion. I am sure your husband is well qualified but I hope the Pro Riders don't witness him heave tools everytime he is frustrated with a new problem. Your bike is NOT a Honda. Hopefully, you will enjoy it in spite of that.

By the way, we B....Ds also frequent many forums. The folks here and at KTMTalk have helped me immensely (including crusty ol' Speedy). Hang in there and have fun!


Sorry the comments got to you over at KTMtalk. I can sort of see where it came from, though. Speedy took offense at the "sux" comment, and attributed it to inexperience in servicing the bike. It always bugs old hands hearing "rookies" bashing the machines they love. Your hubby sounds like a crack mechanic, but not on KTMs (yet).

One snappy remark leads to another... until feelings got hurt. Take a deep breath and give it another try, they've been quite patient with my rookie questions. :)

Speedy was the one bashing?????????

Speedy is a multi time ISDT / E medalist . Was first "Canuck" to win a gold medal at the ISDT. Being 68years old he is a bit crusty but a nice and knowlegable guy. Helmut is a close personal friend buy he isn't beyond a bit of "splashing".




Next time you need to know something, try something like:

"My husband came across dirt in the air boot when he took the subframe off to set my shock preload. Has anyone had the same problem? We will monitor the situation and see if it was because of the previous owner's poor maintenance. I cannot blame the airbox design until I definitely know that it is the cause. By the way, what is the best way to remove the shock?"

instead of posting(Quote Flygirl),

"The whole air filter, air box, subframe, carb boot, combo sux. My husband had to set the sag on my bike, haven't done it since we got it because I wouldn't stay off of it long enough. Anyway, have to pull subframe off to get to the allen head lock nut on the shock that KTM's have; came apart real easy just like my Honda and other bikes he has worked on(including numerous KTM's). Putting back together was a pain, the carb boot didn't want to go back on, he's never had that much trouble, he finally got it after a few persuading words and tool throws. Next he decided might as well do the air filter while he had it torn down. There was all kinds of dirt in the boot. The design KTM is using sux, there is hardly any seal, it makes my Honda's bad seal look good. And yes it had grease around the lip. Has anyone on here done stuff to the airbox to fix this, is there anything? I wish it had the threaded wing bolt like a normal bike, I think that would seal better than that pressure clip design thing they have. If people are having valve trouble with this bike I can almost gaurantee that airbox seal, dirt debris is the problem. Also, this JD Jet kit everyone is talking about, how is it, everbody like it? Oh yeh I still love the bike, this is just my husband's bitching from a mechanics point of view. Thanks.


Looking at the original ben_suhard posted, I am not sure what the problem is... what did you expect with a post like that???

fly172girl - I really hope that you will give KTMTalk another try. The guys and gals there and also here on TT really are better than most of the other forums that I have visited (the Exotics and Cannondale forums are excellent too). Didn't you guys get the Owner's Handbook with your bike? I believe that it show the rear shock removal for the spring pre-load adjustment, a 5 minute job to get the shock assembly out and another 5 minutes to wrestle it back in. It's much safer to remove the shock and use a proper spanner to turn the adjusting collar on the shock than to try to do it on the bike. I don't really understand why your husband would be trying to take off the rear subframe because that is not necessary. :)

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