Motohed - Time To Ride 2 - Short Video Review

I Just got through watching the sequel.

For those of you who've never heard of "Time To Ride" it is a low budget riding video that focuses on off road. Instead of Cinqmars and Metz it is Hawkins and Davis.

To keep this short and to the point I’ll just compare the new one to the original:

It is even better. :)

It looks like this guy took the money he made from the first version and used it to improve the second. You can tell he used a better camera, and the editing and production quality are improved. Pretty slick. Also, this time around there is no real soundtrack. There is music, but not hard rock like TTR I and other moto vids. There are more interviews, and a weird homage to On Any Sunday that drags on slightly but no real pressing urge to fast forward...

Hawkins is back, this time with some riding tips but not quite as much footage. The Garrahan brothers are in this one, they open the vid with some No. CA woods riding. Lafferty is back also, as are Abbott and Davis. Davis had a helmet cam for the 100 MCs H&H but seized his 426 at mile 7. There is a long section on the Lake Elsinore GP, with some good footage of Wattsy there and some w/ him riding in Oz.

If you like off road you will like this video. Thirty bucks.

Only available on VHS currently, but a DVD is in the works I’m told.



Way cool, thanks Hick. I loved the first one, I'll wait a bit and see if I can scoop up a copy on DVD, your review helps make the decision.

Yeah, I think anybody who liked the first version will like the second one better. As I saw it, there were only a few things to complain about with the first version: some people didn't like the music, and the limited freestyle footage, while just fine in its own right, ain't appreciably different from 99.99% of the stuff already out there.

So in TTRII there is zero freestyle, and no hard music (not that there's anything wrong with that...)

A good bit of the soundtrack to TTRII is the actual noise in the shot. The Garrahan brothers make their 250 MXCs sound pretty mean...



You mentioned the EGP. Can you tell what year it was when they filmed that portion?

I went in 2001 and am hoping thats the footage they got.

BTW: Watts won that year.

I second that review! Your correct on all points I found the music annoying on the first movie the second and third time I watched it.

I'm looking forward to getting it....You can have that Freestyle BS, They need to keep that crap on the MX vid's where it belongs. Sure would be nice if someone would create some up to date woods racing training videos to replace all those "worn out retro 1970's tapes that Bailey puts out".

Thanks for the info...

Bonzai :)


You mentioned the EGP. Can you tell what year it was when they filmed that portion?

Well, I would assume it was '02...

In the vid, Watts was there, and I do believe he won one of the many races. Abbott was also there... :)

It is really hard to say, I was trying to figure out which year the H&H was. Davis looked to be on his 426 due to appearance of decomp lever in one of the helmet cam shots after his motor quit.

Anybody have a copy of Time To Ride? I loaned mine out, never got it back...

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