Fuel line for IMS tank

Anybody come up with a good solution to replace the stock fuel line when installing the IMS tank? With the petcock moved fwd the stock hose is no bueno. My buddy turned the petcock backwards so the barb faces to the rear but that seemes kinda dumb.

CRF450 fuel line :thumbsup:

Order a petcock from an 06 WR (part number: 2GU 24500-02-00) You'll get the whole assembly including a new gasket.

End result should look like this:


Whats it look like? Does it have a 180 deg bend?

Looks like a good solution Bigcoopdawg! Thanks

Looks like a good solution Bigcoopdawg! Thanks

No problem.

You can buy the part from boats.net for 18 bucks btw :thumbsup:

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