GYTR Clutch kit

Anyone know whats going on with GYTR? I've gone to 2 different companies who priced the kit under $100, and both are backordered and have been for awhile now. Summer is coming and sounds like I wouldn't be able to get the kit in my hands until May. Unacceptable for a guy who only gets to ride 3-4 months out of the year.

I really want the GYTR kit, but am now contemplating either a DP kit or OEM. DP kit is slightly cheaper and sounds like both are exceptional. Anyways, just curious whats going on, maybe someone here knows where I can find an available kit, for an 04 YZ450.

BTW: I steer everyone AWAY from Power Parts Plus out of Del Rio, TX. Over the last 3-4 weeks I have experienced the worst customer service on the internet. Not to mention, when I finally did get ahold of someone, and found out the dates they originally gave me were generic and that the GYTR kit wouldn't be available for another month, they wouldn't refund the shipping I paid for the kit.

Just order from ThumperTalk they can get almost any part and they will price match. I had My share of iffy online shops. I was told to stay away from DP clutchs because they impregenat the fibers with metal, makes a long lasting clutch but You dont want more metal in your oil. Oem is a great way to go.

I prefer OEM plates to everything except Hinson, which is what GYT-R plates were when last I knew for certain. In fairness, I have no experience with DP kits, but for the most part, aftermarket plate kits tend to vary too much from the original dimensions and materials, and either don't perform well, don't hold up well, or cause some other odd problem (clutch drag for the first several hours, most commonly).

If you are set on the GYT-R plates, try the Hinsons. Use OEM springs though, unless you want a heavier pull.

DP and Hinson are the only plates I've had good luck with if the OEM plates won't cut it. I believe Hinson makes the GYT-R plates, so you can try getting some of them instead, probably will have better luck.

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