Rear tire max size on WR450?

Will a 140/80 tire fit on a WR450? Anyone tried one yet? Seems like it will hit the swing arm. :):D

Will a 140/80 tire fit on a WR450?

What brand? It does matter.

But I'm going to guess the answer is "yes" anyway.

Hope this helps (yeah right).

Michelin S12 140/80 :)


banffboy is right- a 140/80 18 S-12 Michelin fits perfect!(Ihave one installed on my '02 WR 426) What a ditch digger! The only problem is Michelin is a French owned company :)

I made the mistake of trying a 120 on my WR400. It fit ok but everytime I backed the bike up it wadded the shock guard up. Major pain in the ass. And once it started to wear it looked ridiculous. Stick with the 02 cents. :)

alot of my buddies ride with the 140/80. Love that tire really hooks up. Never had a problem with fit

OK Thanks guys. Think I will give the 110/100 Kenda Trackmaster II a try for my next rear tire after a little more research, but I did some tire calcs and measurements. There appears to be plenty of room for a 140 profile tire on the WR.

I have one on my WR450 right now. Great hookup, and the 450 has enough power to spin it when needed.

I also have one on my 450 right now, It will fit fine with no interference. The only problem with this tire is wear, I have about 800 miles on it and it is looking worn out.

For soft terrain I like the S12 140/80. The bike has the power to spin it well in loose sand and gravel. I like a narrower rear tire in hard terrain. S12's last about 500 - 700 miles before the knobs where down in height and are rounded beyond good hook up.

Does the S12 last longer than the M12?

check out the tera-flex at I have an extra one that I can part with if you need it. It's an awesome tire.

The rear D756 is so great... :) Beats S12 on durability

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