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650R Jetting and carb settings

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00' 650R

Pro Circut T-4

FMF header


stage 1 hotcam

k&N filter... willing to put on UNI

Air box closed... willing to open

fresh top end... weisco, stock bore and compression

had 65s and 182 main not sure where the needle is, screw was 2.5 turns out

was always popping a lot on decelleration and poor milage

now has 68 (not S) and a 178 main, needle same place, and screw 1.5 turns

Still pops on decel and bad milage and throttle response

also won't idle smooth, goes allover the place from stalling out to like 2500rpm's no matter what I do with the air screw.

I ride from my home... about 400' to 7k all in the same ride, most riding is between 400' and 3500'

What do I need to get this thing dialed??? 👍


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