Colorado Thumper Trip

I am interested in planing a Colorado Thumper trip for this spring or early summer. mikeolichney has indicated there are some great trails near Crested Butte and possible accomodations. If interested please post.

I am in KS and am willing to make the 12 hour drive for this adventure is there anyone else up for it?


Tom N.

I may be interested too. I have done some mountian biking around Crested Butte and it's great. Another good place is around Salida...


If I ever get out of MI I may be intrested. Been here working since the 15 of December and the end is no where in sight.

Here is what Mikeolichney suggested and I think it sounds great, I tried the link and it looks even better. A great Opportunity for sure... Mikeolichney - what is a good time of year to do this thing?

From mickeolichney-

Crested Butte CO has some awesome riding-if the Clinton roadless plan did not shut a bunch down (I will check to see what the damage was). Anyway, if there is interest, I could put together a trip there for interested riders. I can get the rates REAL cheap as I am a partner in a rental property up there that sleeps 26. You can check it out at

It would be about $10 to $20 per person per night (depending on number of people). The place has 2 hot tubs, 9000 sq ft and a THREE CAR GARAGE THAT LOCKS for the bikes. If you check our rates you can see that I am just going to cover electricity, cleaning and some wear and tear. If I offend anyone by this post I apologize. This place would normally rent for $820/night, if I could get $200 night (10 to 20 people at $10 to $20) the other partners would be cool with it.

Is anyone interested in this?

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Sounds good,

Just set the date. There are 2 of us from Durant, OK who will go; a wr400 and yz426. Maybe 2 more from North Texas.

Killer deal Mike, friends and i have rented a condo there (Crested Butte) and spent waay more for less comfort.It did have a hot tub and that is a requirement after the 125 mile ride to Taylor park and back at least 80% on tough singletrack! :)

Make sure to ride 29 switchbacks and also hope the creek isn't too deep.

Would love to make ths trip again but I have only 1 week vacation time per year

Thumperheads, don't pass up this opportunity!

There is a new folder topic for this, there seems to be a problem with this one.. I can see all the posts but others can not. Mike posted a new Colorado Thumper Trip folder and has added some great info. If you are interested please post your response to that folder. Thanks

Tom N.

Originally posted by MikeOK:

Another good place is around Salida...


The Taylor Park trails around Crested Butte go down to Salida. Could make a long day of it and ride down there. As far as the lodging goes, I need to find 6 to 8 people minimum, no more than 20, July through Sept best up there (some rides go up to 12000 ft). Kids/wives OK, there are lots of other things to do and two rides/skill levels could be organized. Can rent rooms at $20/night for queen bed with private bath, $30 night for Master bedroom with private bath, which has a king bed and a queen hide-a-bed. Very economical. if interested, post here or email me at

hey tom? a 400sx KTM welcome to come on the trip?....LOL..your friend..Robby...

Since you are obviously paying for my way and the gas up there I will let you bring that Austrian thing you ride.. It will make for interesting conversation none the less..

Originally posted by NOfearobHA:

hey tom? a 400sx KTM welcome to come on the trip?....LOL..your friend..Robby...

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