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I must be dumb

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I had the shock on my 1990 XT rebuilt. The instructions say "installation of the shock is just the reverse of removing it". Maybe it is for some folks but not this one.

I slipped the shock up past the bottom mount and began to thread it up (to remove it, I had to thread it down a bit sort of like the spring coil was passing something). I got it to keep going and when I peeked through a small space between the frame and air box I saw the top of the shock about an inch and a half directly below the mounting slot.

It went in but at a shallower angle than it should have. Both arms and hands are beat and bruised. After a couple of days of using what mind I have left, I've decided to try to loop a small cord through the top eyelet of the shock and see if I can pull straight up with one hand and thread the shock with the other.

If you have done this before can you give me a tip other than not betting on slow horses...I learned that the hard way too.

Thanks ahead of time.


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