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Installed several sets Older no longer available Stage 2 and current ones as well.

No they do not come with shims.

Change in shim size is all over the map..Use what was in the bike with the old cams then measure and change as needed.

They change where the power is more then over all, and they are only part of a power package building and tuning a motor for more power is a package deal, you can not do it right with a piece meal approach

Yes I have adjusted cam timing on Hot Cams, as well as others IT IS NOT a common thing done by most at home wrenches. It is a simple yet involved proceeder, You have to understand the theory behind the procedure as well as the mechanics of it. If you miss a step or calculation, you trash a motor.Unless you have a very good mechanical base, doing a cam timing job with adjustable sprockets is not a good idea. That said, it's been done successfully many times by first timers..

So, who's installed them?

Did they come with shims atall?

How far out were the clearances when 1st installed?

How much power do they add over the standard S cam?

And the one im burning to have answered. Who has adjusted them??

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I put a set in before xmas , the inlet and exhaust stage 1 hotcams . I already had the FCR/MX and an open pipe with the 3x3 mod , but there was a noticeable difference . AS Bronco said , they dont come supplied with shims , but for $80 US you can buy a shim kit . Once fitted , the clearances were almost spot on . One of the inlets was a fraction tight , but still within the proper tolerances . So I didnt have to adjust them at all . Off the bat , they gave me more low down grunt and have improved the power in the higher revs also . It used to get off the mark OK before , but now you have to make sure you are hanging on as it is a lot quicker through the gears . Once you are in top gear , it seems to have a lot more punch on tap and will rev a lot harder than before . Without the cams it seemed to just make noise in the higher rpms , but get nowhere . Now you can really feel it pulling . So overall I am very happy with my swap , greg

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Be aware that Hotcams shall have tighter clearance to the valves than the std. camshafts , and you most likely will have to reshim.

Std. cams shall have 0.10->0.20mm opening on the intake , hotcams 0.10->0.15mm

On the ex oem is 0.20->0.30mm , hotcams 0.15->0.20mm

Measure the gap before pulling out the oem cams ,it will give you an idea about where you need to go.

The hotcams comes pre degreed , and even if the sprockets are adjusable , there should be no reason to re-degree them.

You can buy single sims at most wrenchers/shops , but a set from hotcams is useful.

Here's a dyno chart from Hotcams ,don't know how true it is , but looks in the loop to me


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