98 YZ400 fork damping screws shot

Has anybody seen this, my screws were mangled from previous owner and when trying to adjust, one broke off. Yamaha only sells the entire cap for $90.00. I'm trying to find a cheaper solution, possibly drilling out and replacing with my own screws but I'm not sure what they look like on the inside, haven't taken cap off. Not sure procedure for removing caps, manual isn't clear.

I had a XR 400 and the entire valve body was stripped. Honda sold them one at a time for $89.99, while Race Tech sold a pair for $159.99. Check out Aftermrket ones if you must replce the entire thing. They are usually cheaper and they work better too.



tpavlic: Are you referring to the screws o the fork top caps?...or the ones at the bottom of the legs? What I'm wondering is why the previous owner would try to force those screws beyond their boundaries...if that's the case. This is cause for alarm. I would consult a reputable suspension shop for advice. Jeremy Wilkey of MX-Tech answers such questions for free at Dirtrider.net. Look for his forum there. Hope this helps.

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