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dr125. 1 mile ride and die!!

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bought a dr125se 2000 today. brought it home in the van, tied down. got home, got it out. helmet on, off i go... about 10pm. just for a quick spin i thought... before i set off, i noticed it seems to be idleing to slow. and after i left it to warm a couple of mins, i got on and put it in first and it just died. did this four times before i realized the stand was down.:applause: one of a kind hey!

about a mile later, just after putting my full beams on, it starting to die. lights went out, 5 seconds later engine cut off.🤣:banghead:

stranded, pitch black, country roads... and rather a little hot i would say.🙂

ignition turned to on, no lights at all. nothing. electrics no more. tried to bum start it. nope..., bike says 'your pushing me sucker' .

anyway. been in the garage with it, when i got back, checking all electric cableing and such like. noticed about three wires burnt togther, that supply to the lights for the dash.. must of got too hot and burnt the plastic and stuck them selves together. so i connected the burnt ones using connector blocks to see if that solved it. nope.

checked the battery and fuse. tried different battery and no joy. found fuse blown. it was a 20amp fuse and compared to me dr650 having a 10amp fuse, not sure if this has anything to do with it. so tryed 10amp. nope!

had really good check of wire connections.

checked fuel was getting to carb. seemed fine.

so here i am, 4am, thumping on your nogins.

and if anyone has a download link for a manual for this bike... well...pretty please, please could you post it.

any of you guys know where to get genuine suzuki parts online??

thanking you 👍

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Ganja. thanks for this info.

Positive is grounding out?? This means. Im guesing, the positive feed, suply, is not reaching to where it should.??

The wires that burnt, do you think they are a problem? do you think ill need to re-wire these wires with new wires, or will they be ok on connectors?

Is anything likely to have been damaged by this 20amp fuse. like ignition coil, bulbs, idle speed.??


what other tests and checkes can i do, do you think if i replace the wireing, problem solved. or what??? i just been checking for broken wires, loose connectors. but to check ever little be of wire would mean striping the wire off the bike...

any thoughts??/


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