wr Kouba Links


Latest word on lowering links for wr/yz...


Hello, any idea when wr426 lowering links will be available? How much will they lower? Approx how much do they weigh?

Sorry for all the questions, just curious...


PS: Moving to Idaho in Jun, can't wait. (Mt. Home AFB)



Not much info on the lowing link etc. for the Yamaha's, we are having some problems getting it lower without screwing up the progression ratios. We will file this and let you know if when we get it figured out. Thanks for the inquiry and hope you have a good stay in Idaho. The bike riding is awesome around here.


Norman Kouba

Home of the Kouba Link



Norm is a GREAT GUY and helped out ~ 800 thumpertalkers all over the world when he cut us all a deal on his carb fuel screw T handles. :D:)

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