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Replacing Gas cap Barrel?

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So, recently, I took a bit of a tumble on the Z. The bike came to a rest under a guard rail and one of the supports sheared the gas cap off the tank.

I'm going to be buying a new tank that has a gas cap with a barrel that my key won't fit.

The barrel off of my current gas cap is still good. I have it all torn down, but I can't seem to get the barrel out of what's left of the cap housing.

Has anyone changed barrels between gas caps before? Any tips or tricks that I am missing? I think I see a circ clip inside, but all efforts to try and release it have failed.

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sounds like quite a spill.

I took a cali cap apart and there was a pin you had to press to release the lock mechanism, I assume the 49 state is similar.

if you cant get it apart you can disable the lock on the new cap, thats what I did w my 49 state cap

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Where is the pin located at?

It's inside. Take the screws out of the bottom, and you will see edge of the pin, in the bottom of the barrel. Actually... now that I think about it... it wasn't a pin, it was a flat plate, but it's spring loaded. Push it into the barrel, and then you can slide the barrel out.

how does one disable the lock?

Thanks for the reply!

Once the barrel is out... remove all the tumblers, and reassemble. It will still take a key to turn the barrel, but any key that can fit will work.

Oh... and yes, there was an early, and late key. I think the break was around 2002.

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What tools did you use? I'm using a small screwdriver and the thing won't budge.

I do see the flat plate though, I thought it was a circ clip, guess not. For reference, the cap came off an 02.

Thanks again!

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