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jetts for a '03 ttr 225

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ok so i've been reading about mods that include changing the jets. which jets should i use? #38 pilot and #130 main? and where can i purchase them? every thing i've read has been for either a ttr 125 or ttr 230. are the jet the same as ttr 225? how much of a difference will i feel in power? i love my ttr but when i ride it seems to lack in power. should i change the sprockets and exhaust? if so then can some one tell me the best ones to use? i'm very obviously a noob at doing mods and have been looking through all the forum threads and get confused at all the different things people have posted, so if someone could put it all in one thread it would be greatly appreciated.🤣👍

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We're running #40 pilot, #140 main, unsure of front sprocket, rear is a 58 - I recommend changing the front sprocket over the rear cause the rear is so darn expensive, I'm pretty sure only Moose makes an aftermarket one, of course, you could buy one from Yamaha.

Stock exhaust, but I'm going to change that soon because it's a bulbous boat anchor of a piece.

Check out the XT225 thread on ADVrider, http://www.advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=178968 I read all 150+ pages and it was worth it. Pay close attention for the uncorking the exhaust (Z1 mod)/intake and idle screw info, it's repeated many times.

I also made special note of this post:


I don't know if those are direct fit, but I plan to either find out or emulate one.



And the XT225 kick-start "kit" from Yamaha, part number 3RW-W0795-00

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