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how to fit a damn wrench in there

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hi, i'am in the process of adjusting the valves on my 01 yz 250f


now the adjusting valves is easy yes, but that hard part is getting everything out.

i cant get access to the right side cam tensioner bolt with anything, i tried rotating the carb abit and still couldn't get a grip on it,

i just can not see myself being able to torque it to spec once i have to put the tensioner back

the only way i can see myself getting a grip on the bolt is taking either the carb or the header off

man, just getting everything off is the hard part

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yeah i've got a manual

at first it say remove carb, but people have told me you dont need to

i can undo with a small spanner

and thank god my 1/4 torque can just fit, looks like i wont have to take carb off

thanks everyone, yeah the extension should work, i'll try tomorrow

i try taking the carb off the motor boot thingy and moving, just need a extra set of hands to quickly tighten/tighten bolt, for once my brother becomes useful lol

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