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Engine knocking at 5000 RPM

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I have an 08 Husky TXC250 ... I'm get some engine knocking and pinging at 4500-5500 RPM only ... I'm doing a lot of street riding on this bike currently and when I level out at ~5000 RPM or pass through this RPM range gently, I hear some knocking and pinging ...

I'm burning 93 and 95 octane pump gas ... some without E10 I believe as the pumps are not marked for E10.

I also have installed a JDjetting kit with the standard setting the kit provides ... I was pinging before and after this kit was installed ..

Hard acceleration has no knocking\pinging at any RPM .... Also, the knocking seems to go away or have less effect at night time also .... so I'm hoping this is some sort of CARB jetting issue ...

I currently try to stay out of this RPM range but I'd like to solve this if possible ..

Any suggestions?

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