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Fork oil level-vs-clicker adj.

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I recently changed the oil in my forks. I decided to go with the 5wt instead of the stock 7.5wt and hope for a little better action. I did raise the oil level just a little bit compared to what came out to make up for cleaning the spring ect. I think I ended up with a little more oil than stock because the compression stroke still seems a bit stiff. I have not had much time to adjust the compression clickers and will do that before I settle on an oil level change. The question is: can backing off on the compression clicker have the same effect as reducing the oil level? The rebound does not seem to have slowed down from the oil level change so Im not worried about that. I just don't want to have to pull the forks off again and apart If I dont have to. Id rather be riding this weekend:ride:

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