Kenda Trak Master II Tire vs M12

I have heard the rear Kenda Trak Master II is a good tire for the price. The cost of them is so low, $45, that I am concerned about the milage. I few weeks ago a TT'r said he got close to 2K miles out of one. Anyone else been running these tires lately? :)

Alot of you guys like the Michelin M12. How is the H12 for wear?

I will be dual sporting, but do not care if DOT rated.

I've run all of the tires you mentioned. I'm not sure about your area and the terrain you ride in, but here's my take on these.

M12 - Hooks up well in the mud. Wears very fast (mine lasted about 150 hard miles) This tire didn't do well for me in hardpack, or on gravel roads.

H12 - Decent wear, hooks up well in most circumstances except the real loose mud and sand. However, I did ride the sand bowls at Glamis with this tire and it performed pretty well. This is a good all-around tire that is better suited for medium to hard terrain. It's road manners are quite acceptable as well.

S12 - I love this tire. Let me repeat that: I LOVE THIS TIRE!. I've got 550-600 mostly-hard off-road miles with about 50 street miles and this tire still has about two-thirds of the tread left. This thing flat-out hooks up, especially in the loose stuff. This tire loves mud and also works very well on hardpack. Gravel tends to chew on it a bit but not severely. I've been told that the street tears these tires up pretty badly, but I haven't experienced any of that to-date. I will never use another tire for winter riding in my area. I'm sold on this. The front tire is the best I've found (off-road) as well. When I switched to this tire if found I could ride my favorite trails a gear higher. It really hooks up and is very confidence inspiring. It's slightly "skatey" on pavement but acceptabe. If you want a DOT equivalent of this tire, try the Pirelli Scorpion (MT83) The front is a DOT approved exact replica of the S12. I've got one and my buddy's running one also and it performs same as the s12.

K760 - Best bang for the buck in a DOT rear tire. This tire hooks up unbelievably well. I've run it and my two regular riding buddies both have this tire mounted and are very satisfied. Stay away from the 760 front - it's rumored to be very wash-out prone. (I have no firsthand experience with the front.) When running this tire, make sure to warm it up a bit before hitting the rocky stuff. This will minimize the possibility of any chunking.

Hope this helps

What Drew said.


I was under the impression that the s-12 was a softer compound. Is this true??


Yes, to my knowledge the hardest compound is the H12 and the softest is the S12. I can't explain why for me the S12 has lasted so much longer than the M12, but it sure has. I'm not sure about the compound on the M12 cause I pitched the old one as soon as I took it off my bike so I can't compare it to the others. (I use the old H12 as a sort-of door-stop for my front gate when it's windy.) There is a definite noticeable difference (thumbnail test) between the compounds on the S and H.

I just recieved my Tera-flex today..this thing is a friggin monster!. I can't wait to get it on the bike and go roostin!. I hope nobody gets a stone spray sandwich with this mutha..It would knock your head clear off! :):D

Let me know how you like that Terra-Flex. I want to try that tire if this Kenda doesn't wear well.

The s-12 is a what they call a soft terrain tire but it is the hardest compound, the reason being that the soft terrain such as sand or mud will not chunk the tire. The h-12 is a hard terrain tire, it has the softest rubber compound for maximum grip on the hard surface's. Kind of like a racing slick for a drag car very soft, sticky rubber.The m-12 is somewhere in between. I have also used the kenda trakmaster's on my last bike which was a 500 two stroke, very long wearing tire's. I just put a set of m-12s on my 450 we'll see how they wear.... :):D


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