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Sharing my learnings - bike is finally dialed in!!

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It took me a while to dial in my bike from a jetting / throttle response standpoint. Much of my research came from TT, but I thought I would share what I have done so that anyone reading can use the info. My KLX 450 has never run better. This is currently how it is set up:

Main Jet - 175

Pilot Jet - 42

Leak Jet - 55

R&D Adjustable Fuel Screw - 2 turns out

O-Ring mod

Pro Circuit T4 full System Pipe for the KX 450F - clears oil filter. Also put a small bead of Permetex ultra copper silicon at the mid-pipe and muffler connection, this eliminated all popping.

Bike Runs Sweeeeet!­čĹŹ

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you should look at removing the stupid foam from the bottom of the seat pan and the silly clear plastic

flap as well as this restricts the air flow to the top of air box

I did this rather than what some others have done - drill holes in side cover

that will only let water in - where I ride any way

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No, I went to the NCVR Needle, same as the KX450F. I guess I did more to it than I thought.

Well looks like we are very similar then, I also have the NCVR needle. What position are you running? I have mine on the 3rd clip, but might try one richer.

I run 160, or 165 MJ depending on temps/elevation. I am in BC so similar Elevations) I tried a 170 MJ but was getting lots of black soot around the tail pipe.

45 PJ,

1.5 to 2 turns out

58 Leak Jet, although didn't really notice any diff from the 55.

No O-Ring mod - but I did have to adjust the freeplay as per manual in the AP Lever after I put the NCVR Needle in.

Rekluse Pro

Leo Vince Slip on and KX Header

KX Air Box and plastics.

Ebatt - soon to be Turn Tech if this one dies which I think it will.....

For me, it is running well now, but not perfect yet. Still stalls once and awhile after a quick throttle chop, such as clearing a log. i also have trouble getting it started after it stalls, but i think that is just the weak battery that doesn't turn it over fast enough. I have lots of throttle response when needed. Might try the 42 pilot as well to see if it helps any.

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