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Does this sound like a good trade??

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Hello this is my first post in the DRZ forum. I have a 05 CRF 450X with a muzzy and a trailtech, its nice shape overall and clean. I have been trying to sell it since December with no luck.. sigh** I have a guy wanting to trade me a 06 DRZ 400sm with 4500 miles, all stock i believe except for a rear fender eliminator, it looks very clean as well and nice. It books for $3900ish and mine books for $3700ish, this would be a straight up trade. So i should be coming out ahead on this??? I originally bought my 450 with the intention of licensing it and come to find out its not easy to do in IL, and i've had alot of trob with the bike... I had the Notorious tranny problem happen to me 3rd gear locked up on the mainshaft...right after i bought it 👍

I have never owned or rode a DRZ, i do like them and have thought about buying one in the past, and i see the insurance is cheap! 🤣

Whats your thoughts??


Heres a link to my 450

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I just went through the same thing but in reverse.

I have an 03 klx with bb and such and a guy had the same bike as you with some bells and whistles and I turned him down and kept the kawi!

my kawi with the BB has more cubes than the X!!!!!

His X was plated also

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Find out if he is a TT'er. If not stay away.

No just kidding. Check the FAQ section and see if he has done any of the TT mods. If it is bone stock see how often he has changed oil. Lots do 1000-1500 but manual says 3000.

Understand the SM is only fit for asphalt and hard pack. It has street tires. You would need a second set of 18/21 wheels with dirt tires for any real off-road.

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