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Drop the leak jet to get more fuel into engine..

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Ok so I posted a while back about my bike coughing off low rpm when i hit deep whoops and such...

I have the basic race setup but had left the leak jet at 70. Why? Who knows. Baja is not like racing in the solid whoops.

As per the great recomendations here and my secret test lab... I have drop it to a 55.

As you may know;

The smaller the leak jet, the more fuel will be squirted into the engine via the accell pump. I tried a 65 and still found some issues. A 55 worked much better.

100 mile dez race full of whoops and I never once coughed.🤣👍

So keep this in mind if you are trying to get more fuel into the carb from low rpm and you wack the throttle wide open and the bike dies and coughs. You may also want to go buy the oring from the hardware store and put it on the accell pump linkage.

Viva la Honda!!!! Love these bikes.

See you on the trails,

Baja Joe

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