FMF Full exaust, anyone out there have one?

I'm curious to know how loud one of these setups is... I am thinking about going with their *power bomb* header and their 14" end can instead of the regular 17" ones that most other companies offer... Pro's v/s Cons???


I bought a full Moriwaki Exhaust from big valley honda and love it. Yes it was pricey...$549 with shipping. but the sound is quiter than most and build quality is top notch. :cheers:My complaint, it burns my pants as it doesnt have a heat shield on the header part.....but then again, you'd have that problem with any other pipes I imagine. Sorry I couldn't help with the FMF stuff. :)

Moriwaki? Not familiar with that one. Any links or pictures?

I finally seen a XR650R with the Morikawi system a while back and it was the nicest looking XR650R aftermarket exhaust I've seen so far and all the comments I've read from owners were very positive. I've also heard very good things about Barnums custom XR650R pipes in regards to performance, but I've only seen their stuff in unfinished form. I'm still using the stock system with HRC insert and I'm happy with it.

wow that looks great, man! I have been wishing there was a good aftermarket system for my bike, since I had a very bad experience with Big Gun full system. It didn't fit right, leaked, then fell apart, in that order. What a waste! Piece of junk! The power improvement was significant though, and I really miss that. I was very disappointed in the poor quality of the Big gun pipes, so whatever you do, don't waste your money on it. The stock pipes work really well with the power up kit installed, and using the HRC exhaust tip. That's what I'm running now, but power feels pretty weak in comparison to the big gun pipes I had.

Thanks for those links! The Moriwaki pipes look GREAT!


Like I said..$549 and that Includes shipping from BVH. I'd hit em up for it for sure. Pricey but real worth it. Quality is top notch and installation was smooth. BTW it comes with a removable Spark Arrester. And Also, No I do not work for BVH. Just one happy customer is all. :)

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