Another valve job question!

OK, I've got the parts for my 450 ordered and from everything I'm reading, the seats will have to be milled. My thought was to take it apart and replace all the parts and bring it to my local shop to have the seat milled. My question is: should I assemble everything and bring it to them or should I bring it to them with all the new parts? I've never done a valve job and I want to make it as easy as I can for them to mill the seats.

Thanks for the help!


The easiest for them would be to clean it up and take it to them with all of the parts necessary to build the complete head. That's the valves, seals, springs, spring seat washers, retainers, keepers, lifters (labeled as to which bore they go in), your old valve shims, both cams, the caps, half rings, caps and bolts.

The very close second best is to give it to them assembled with both cams in place (not necessarily torqued) and let them take it apart.

Thanks gray! You ROCK!

lifters (labeled as to which bore they go in),

grayracer513, why is it so important not to mix them up?

They're worn, the bores are worn, the cam lobes are worn and they're all worn to match where they were. If you mix them, you're asking them to wear in all over again. It'd be like mixing the pistons in a 4 cylinder.

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