YZ426F Frame Finally Back

Finally got my frame back from powdercoat now i can start working on putting it back together :thumbsup:



Looks awesome! Be sure to post pics of your progress.

Looks good!

what did you do about the thread holes? did you block them off before powder coating? or did you have to chase all the threads?


F'n sweet!!!!:thumbsup:

Havent been on here for a while lol the frame went to the shop to get the stem put in and the forks and front tire and swingarm :thumbsup: just waiting for them to call to say its done and for the thread holes the powdercoating place i took it to they just put tin-foil in the holes cant wait till its back together

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spelling mistake

Looks good....I want to get my KX frame done. Maybe next summer.

Thanks i hated looking at the rust on the frame :thumbsup: just have to get frame guards

Make sure you flush the oil tank before you put it all together!

Make sure you flush the oil tank before you put it all together!

A big x2 on that one... has anyone else been around long enough to remember what happened to thumpsalad way back when?

ok what do i flush it with the mechanic at the shop i go to said to use paint thinner

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