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Help - 03 YZ250f leaking gas and smoking

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The 2nd 03 YZ250f I have is leaking gas from the bottom of the carb. It's also gotten gas in the oil. I assume it's a float related problem. However, the float looks good - as far as position and appearance, it looks exactly like the float on my non-leaking 03 YZ250f. Nevertheless, I'm looking into the various float problems.

My biggest question is this - if gas is getting in the oil, will that cause white smoke. The smoke is coming out the muffler and the junction between the front section of pipe and rear section of pipe (a little bit). Bike did not smoke like this when I first bought it and it's only been run in the garage thus far.

A note: I know nothing about the history of the bike other than what the seller told me. He said the motor had been recently rebuilt - and it certainly looks like it - the head and cylinder appear to be brand new. I don't think even a sandblasting could get them as pristine as they are.

Any input would be appreciated.

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