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Just installed JD Jet Kit and 3x3 mod...and umm

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So I had some problems with my bike after storing it for the winter and didn't want to run properly, and thanks to all you nice thumpertalkers!!!! you pointed me in the right direction.

So I bought the JD jet kit and did a 3x3 mod, installed it about an hour ago and it started right up. Warmed it up changed the oil and just had to take it for a lil spin:ride:.(even tho its like 50 degrees here is WV)

I wasn't as impressed as I thought I would be after completing the mod. Now I did only ride it about 5-8 miles bc I was cold. It seemed to come up a lil better in 2nd, but I could only get the front wheel of the ground about an inch in 3rd. I may not of been doing it 100% proper bc I am a lil rusty after 6 months w/o riding. The acceraltion was a lil better.

I do need to buy a powerbomb header, bc i just have a fmf slip on. But with a newborn at home money is a lil tight. but i figure i will order one in the next 3 4 weeks. Should the header make that much of a difference to really "unleash the beast" ?

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