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What i found in my Water Pump

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So went to the trail this last weekend...halfway I notice the coolant is boiling and bike is running hot.....mind you this is the 2nd ride I have taken this bike out since I bought it. First ride I had no problems.

I open up the water pump and the propeller hits the ground....looks like it snapped the bolt and gouged up the cover a little.

Is this a result of someone over tightening the bolt....no signs of rust.....looks like a little bit of buildup(maybe calcium) on the bolt head.

Not sure on these, but it looks like I need to pull the whole side cover to replace.


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Are you sure it's a bolt? On my KDX it's a nut and the impeller shaft is threaded.
Yep its a bolt that threads into the shaft

Yep, same as my '90. Bolt goes into the shaft.

If you can get the remaining part of the bolt out then you could just replace the impeller and bolt/washer and torque to spec. If not, have fun.

I just replaced every part of my waterpump. Got everything from Service Honda, including new shaft ($40.22), for a whopping $97.14 shipped. I did get a new kickstart shaft seal in there as well just for insurance.

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