rear wheel position

I have found running my rear wheel up as far forward as possible greatly improves the handling on my 00426 on tight tracks and woods. The problem is it eats up the airbox mudflap and when backing up the bike on the trail it will pull the flap up and expose the shock to possible rock damage. The difference is very noticeable especially since I've moved it back to avoid this damage. I really want to run it in this forward position, any suggestions? Anyone else tried this, and have you found any solution?


The world loves talent but, pays off on character.

I took a link out of the chain on my '99 400 and that moved the wheel up 16mm... enough to make quite a noticeable differnce, it turns a lot easier. I've never had a problem with the mudflap though, the knobs are very close to it but it has never torn.

Mine really did'nt rub it but during long rides or H.S. races you invariably back the bike up and unless I rember every time to pull the flap back down it just stays hung up.


The world loves talent but, pays off on character.


I run a 120/90-19 and even with a 47 tooth sprocket I have the same problem. But my flap always finds its way back home once the bike rolls forward again.

Just recently I saw a product (GYT-R or DSP?) that added stiffness to the flap, it was like a reinforcing rib that attached to the airbox and flap.

I realize this is of little help, but I’m 95% sure it was either:

1) Part of the new MXA “YZ250F Hop-Up Goodies” article in the latest issue (Feb).

2) In my 2000 White Brothers catalog at the beginning of the “body” section.

I’ll try to remember to check on that when I get home tonight. Check back here tomorrow, it sounds like this gadget is just what you need.

Sorry Fox,

I did see this gadget in White Bro.s catalog and it was made by DSP but only for KX 250s. After looking at the picture I’m not sure this thing would fix your problem anyway.

Before I got my YZ I had a KX 500. The tire got a hold of the flap and ripped it apart. I ordered an aftermarket replacement (Maier) and it was considerabley stiffer, probably the same kind of plastic they use for fenders and stuff, this thing could never bend up in front of the tire.

So maybe you should see if Maier makes a replacement flap.

I had the same problem, so stole the flap off of my buddy's '95 CR250 when he wasn't looking! It's the stiff plastic type & made the problem go away.

The mounting holes didn't line up exactly right, but good enough for the girls I go out with....

I know that KerryT was eyeing this setup rather closely on the Oct Moab trip. I figure I'm lucky that it's still on the bike!

Thanks for replys guys. I just ordered an Acerbis, it supossed to be stiffer and a little flater. If it doesn't do the job I'm going to secure it somehow, maybe with a zip tie or something. I'll let you know when I solve it.


The world loves talent but, pays off on character.

strip of metal 3/4" wide, 1" too long for the widtth of the flap. curve it around each end by 1/2". fit it. curve mild steel to tthe curve of the swing arm. cost = nothing!!


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