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Need advice on getting a dirt bike please:)

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Hello all,

I am 5'9", 170 lbs, begging rider, can ride certain trails with more confidence and some with less, depending on the trail. I am very new to this sport, about five months into it, but I enjoy dirt biking a lot. I rode several bikes, Yamaha 100 cc, IT 175cc, Husqvarna 450cc, Suzuki SDR 650, and few others (Zuke is is my main bike, being that is dual sport and all:).

I really want to have a street legal, not as powerful as 400 cc, more like Yamaha but taller, and with a bit more power than 100 cc. I love how easy is to pick up the yami:) and, while I can appreciate the raw power and speed of Husky, I know that 400cc+ is too much for me.

I have been searching and I was wondering if there is someone who can help and suggest few bikes that you think might be a good fit for someone like me.

Oh yeah, and about $2000 to 2500:)👍

Thanks in advance!🤣

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What state are you in? In some states you'll be better off finding something that is already street licensed. In Michigan (as well as many other states too) it is pretty easy to convert a lot of bikes to dual sport (usually hi-low headlight, brake light, horn, mirror).

At your height, a Honda CRF250X would be a good bike to convert. If you are looking to convert and shopping used, make sure you get one with a street title. Easiest bikes to convert are ones with lighting coils (bike already has lights), so don't look at MX/race type bikes... you'll be looking for an 'enduro' bike. All the manufacturers make a 250 4-stroke that fits the bill.

Unless you plan to ride a lot of road (or any highway). In that case I'd say you'd want to shop for the bigger bikes (400cc and up). But if you are just riding trail, dirt roads, back roads, connector roads to trail, etc. then 250cc should be OK.

Some already make street legal 250's. Check out manufacturers websites for info.

(I just mentioned the Honda cuz I rode one the other day... not a bad bike in the trail at all... easy to ride, IMO... but it IS gutless compared to my 200cc 2-stroke).

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I have a 2007 DR200SE for sale, it is a dual sport and a great bike. It is easy and fun to ride. It would be a great bike for you to build up your confidence and riding skills before moving into a bigger bike.

Where are you located? I am in socal.

It is in new condition, never been in the dirt, has 2100 miles on it.

Let me know if interested. Good luck!

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