More WCTT2 Photos

Hi everyone,

Here are some more photos of the WCTT2 Ride at Stonyford on Memorial Day.


More WCTT2 Pics <<Click Here


EGO.... I'd turn that bike back into the dealer If I were you....It's a defective jumper.... I Love that 6 inch vertical leap :)

Bonzai :D

Not that EGO needs defending, but that pic was taken on the first jump we tried. It was pretty lame.

For some reason I havent been sent any pics of him bustin some worthy air on that second jump. Does anyone have pics of that?? :)

Yo Kaze,

What's wrong with only getting 6 inches? You trying to give me a complex :):D


I am ashamed, I am going back to my motobeta where its safe.

I feel like charlie brown :)

Besides 6 " is all I got Wooo is me

Cool pics and it looks like on the jasonKevinDpCisco.jpg picture they all got chocolate cake too. :)

Ok I got the real photo of that jump. Someone Dr'd it up but this one is real

Me and Metz taught each other this one along time ago jump1.jpg

I knew we'd find that pic!!! :)

:D :D

Is that a front flip, or the standard back-flip?

Metzger ain't got squat on you....

actually i call the the

fruit-0-d-loom filler :)

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