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Jetting help Please and Thank you

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Alright i have a 2007 DRZ400SM


.MRD/SSW "open"

.UNI air filter

I got a "old" slant body FCR off a 2003 DRZ400E from what im told and this thing is in grate shape!!! "new in box" lol I have a jd jet kit on the way, was just wondering what jets to change and to what. CE was removed and connected nipples ap mod was done. . . 👍

current jetting

142 Main

65 Starter

45 Pilot

200 Main air

60 Pilot air

OBDXP clip 5 "down from the top"

Elevation: 1594 feet

Number on the side of the carb is 29F4NK12 <<< would this be off a 03 DRZ400E??? please and thank you all again

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you're going to want to start with something like;

165 main jet

45 pilot jet

100 main air jet

emn needle

clip 3

9mm float level

about 2 turns fuel screw

also,you'll probably need the e model intake manifold boot and the e model throttle cables as the sm cables are too short to work right.the head stays will need to be moved to the left side for proper cable clearance.you'll need a vacuum nipple for the intake to run the stock petcock too.

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i have the same carb on my 08 drz, 3x3 full yosh system 01 drz e carb that jetting is way lean. i run all the stock jetting and a 165 main jet. i moved the metering rod to clip 5, fuel screw at 2 turns out.bike hauls ass compared to stock. you will need all the things bumtarder recommended to install it on your bike. you will not be dissapointed.

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