Exhaust suggestions.


This is my first post but i've been watching this site for over a year.

A few months ago i bought a 04 WRF450 with 6.000km

Now it's time to change my OEM exhaust and my question is...

What's the proper choice?

An Akrapovic Full System Titanium (Used) 400$ (link here)

or a Yoshmura Full System TRC Titanium/Aluminum (New) from ebay about 400$ (link here)

I should add that I like FMF but it's way too expensive! :lol::foul:

Thanx a lot for your attention, and greetings from Greece! :thumbsup:

Alex MXe

Can be found @ rocky mountain mc

I want a full system not only the muffler...

and i m between those two, akrapa and yoshi...

hello i have the akrapovic full exchaust in my wr and it is the best choise....fmf is good too but too expesnive..

Have you considered a YZF exhaust? Should be able to find a used one fairly cheap.

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