07 grey wire

when I disconect the grey wire it disables my kill switch. I'm sure I have the right one behind the left #plate in the six wire cluster middle top. can any one help

You may not actually have a grey wire, being you are from CDN.

The CDN bikes have the grey wire as well. After looking at the wiring diagram, there doesn't seem to be any connection between the kill button and the grey wire. Here is a pic of my removed wires. The grey for YZ timing and the blue/black for easier starting. They are beside each other in the bottom right and center of the HARNESS connector. NOT the CDI connector. There are always those that say we are imagineing the improvements, but I like the results so I keep them disconnected. My dirtbike is only for dirt riding, I have street bikes for street riding so I haven't ever had any issue with the dreaded stutter at constant speed. Just my .02 -- WR Dave



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Thats not the blue wire I pulled for the easier starting...

The one I pulled was baby blue and it didnt affect starting at all (I hooked it back up)

Ill have to look again tonight when I get home! Thanks for the GREAT photo Dave :thumbsup:

The blue wire disconnect I dod is under the tank where the harness frrom the switch on the engine connects to the main harness.

The blue wire makes the CDI think the bike is in gear and runs slightly advanced timing. I found it to be of not benefit on a well tuned bike and now leave it alone. The Grey wire does make a difference but has its' downside too.

Not all CDN bikes have the Grey wire. USA import ones do, but most on the bikes made for CDN do not.

I also removed the blue ( on the CDN Bikes it is a Sky Blue Wire ) wire under the tank. However when I did that mod I also removed the entire neutral start switch and the 2 wire harness with it. As for the grey wire, I have done this mod to over 30 or more CDN WR's since 2002 and they have all had the grey wire. My bike is jetted so it runs very responsive like a 2 stroke so maybe that's what makes it start so much better ( in my mind) with the blue/white wire disconnected as well as the grey wire. Not tryng to start anything or pi$$ in anyone's corn flakes, just stating what I have done and am happy with. WR Dave

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