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Need some help with a Scotts stabilizer

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Hi guys, I could use a big favor. I have a 2001 KX500 with a Scotts/Ohlins steering stabilizer (friggin' LOVE it). After my maiden trip out to my MX practice track on my YZ450F I realized I am an old hag rider, and I just don't have the stamina I had years ago and arm pump gets worse every year for me.. I want to fit a Scotts to my YZF, but would like to save an additional $300 and possibly just buy a YZF sub mount bracket kit and use my KX500's damper unit if possible. Attatched is some pics of my KX500 unit. The p/n on the back reads: SD-4260 119016 004

The mount holes are spaced 2.125" apart, and the unit physically fits in between my YZF's bar mounts nicely. If one of you could closely look at your '06+ YZ450's and tell me if I can use this unit will work with the YZF kit I would greatly appreciate it. I emailed Scotts a week ago and not got an answer. Thanks !




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You will have to spin the bar 180 degrees if you are going to use a bar style mount. Besides that, you should be good to go.

Yea, after observing thew install pics on the Scott's site, I realized this detail. No biggie. I went ahead and ordered the sub mount bracket kit, and made a special puller to pull the arm and flip it around.

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