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Wheels from what year and model will fit my bike?

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2000 to 2003, I belive the 04 and up have a bigger axel.

I am guessing if that is true then the SX would be the same as the 04 and up bikes as most every thing else seems to be. They made many changes to the SX in '03 that happened to the other bikes in 04. I will check 04 axle P/N's then.

Why would you need differeent wheels???

Want an 18" rear for woods stuff and wouldn't' mind having another front wheel at the same time so I can have two different sets of tires for MX, Woods, and different conditions. Some of the tires I would run on smooth dirt don't hold up very well in the woods. Some of the woods tires I would like to try only come in 18" only. For example Pirelli XCMS although they my be about the same as MXMS's.

and why post this here and then run to ktmtalk and ask the same question

Because, unlike you and me, some folks don't go both places and I thought I would reach a larger crowd. Next, I will be looking for a set, used. Why do you ask, do you see something wrong with going both places?

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Just an update:

Thanks for the replies guys.

After switching from a 130/70-19 Michelin M12, to a 110/90-19 Pirelli Scorpion MXMS on the rear I don't feel so bad about a 19" tire for off road anymore although I still wouldn't mind having another set of wheels.

The Pirelli is huge. The Michelin was just a lot lower profile then I thought with its odd sizing system. Since Michelin says its 130/70-19 is the corresponding tire to replace the stock 110/90-19 I was surprised by how big the Pirelli is. It is a little wider and of course a lot taller then the Michelin.

I am not knocking the Michelin. I liked that tire. It is a little better in the gooey stuff then the Pirelli. The Michelin was harsher. I never had a pinch flat (or flat of any kind) while running the Michelin's front or back probably because they are so stiff. I like the Pirelli better all around on the track and in the woods so far. What's not to like, it's new. I will let you know how it holds up later on.

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