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question on cam timing/alignment

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Still in the middle of the rebuild on the wr450. I have a question.

1. there are three timing marks on my flywheel instead of just one. I have aligned everything using the middle mark. Is this correct? Does it matter?

2. please let me know that I aligned the cams correctly. It seems like I did it right.

is this right?




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I believe you use the third mark for top dead center.

I know it's supposed to be a H I, and you use the "I", but mine looks more like |||, and I have always used the third "|"

If I remember correctly, what he's saying is right. There's an "H" and an "I" mark on the flywheel, use the "I" mark, it should be pictured on the manual as well. Also, your exhaust cam seems to have the "dot" rotated a bit too much to the left, try bringing it one tooth closer to the right and see if it looks better, also check it out from the other side of the bike and look at how the lobes are lined up from that end. The "dot" marks won't be perfectly at "12 'o clock on both cams, but try to get it as close to it as possible by checking the flywheel marks, the "dot" marks and the lobes on the other end of the cams. you're trying to check the timing with the chain tensioner on, right? grayracer from the yz forum posted some tips on how to do this process, try searching or sending him a PM for the specifics of it.

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