05 WR 450 airbox snorkel

Just got a 05' wr450. Working on uncorking it. Took the baffle out and ordered the carb kit with propper jetting and shorter throttle stop. Was looking at airbox and do not know what airbox looks like stock, but it seems that there is a removable piece with 2 holes in it. However, I cannot get it out as it seems like to get it out you would pull it upward, but it will not clear the metal battery strap hook. Any advice on how to get this out or anyone have pics of a stock or modded airbox that would help me see how to do this??



I just drilled out the pop rivets that hold in the battery strap latch then pulled out the snorkel then re pop riveted the latch.

I just inserted a couple flat screwdrivers between the snorkel and latch , held them both with one hand & GENTLY pryed the snorkel away from the latch, While pushing up on the snorkel with my other hand from inside the airbox. It popped right out.

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