big problem with my 06 yz450

i was out riding today and my bike was working good untill i shut it off for a min then wen i went t start it it would not start finally it started so i continued to ride for like 5 mins then it bogged out like i fouled my plugged so when i got home i checked te plug and it was still good what could be the reason for this

and my bike also revs high after driving it for a little while

please help


  • To see if the pilot mixture screw is still in the carb
  • Your valve clearance
  • the pilot jet to see if it's clogged

this happened to me, it was the fuel mixture screw that fell out. I learned to carry a spare with spring, washer and O-ring.

thanks for the advise i got it fixed now and it was my jets were clogged

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